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In the picturesque surrounding of Tucholskie Forests and in the neighborhood of the National Park ‘Bory Tucholskie’, the Rehabilitation Clinic ‘Krojanty’ occupies the area of 30 hectares. The patients with the hardest diseases related to locomotor systems and neurological ailments have been treated here successfully for over 25 years. As the owners attach extreme importance not only to their medical mission, but also to esthetics, the stay in the Clinic is a real feast for the senses and spirit.

An immense property of Krojanty consists of seven buildings. The oldest and restored building is over one hundred years old. Once upon a time a manor house was here located. Yet, there is no shortage of new facilities, as well. The newest building was made accessible in 2010.

Krojanty Clinic occupies the area of 30 hectares, including a beautiful, immense park with 3,5 km natural paths for walkers and nordic walking fans. Since the owners care for the Polish tradition, on 1st September every year – for 18 years already – a performance of a military charge of 1939 at Krojanty is organized with participation of 300 horses. The struggles of the soldiers taking part in the defensive war at the beginning of the Second World War are watched with bated breath by at least 30 thousand viewers.

The Clinic disposes of studies and gym rooms where about 70 procedures are performed, including group activities.

‘We have no counter-indications for treatment. The patients who come to us are in different health condition, and we can treat the most difficult cases. We accept patients suffering from pains in the vertebral column, ailments related to locomotor systems as well as pain-related diseases of another origin. We rehabilitate the patients after orthopedic, neurological, neurosurgical operations as well as other procedures. This is all done for the patient to restore him to normal functioning in the shortest time possible,’ Tomasz Winiecki M.D., Krojanty Clinic co-owner, explains.

Our specialists are able to improve the patient’s health within two week’ time. In case of deep processes of various diseases it is necessary to implement several treatment cycles.

‘The most frequent diseases are chronic, acute pains in the vertebral column and discopathy. 70 percent of the patients who are qualified to neurosurgical procedures leave our Clinic without the necessity to be operated on. It is worth remembering that rehabilitation does not threat the patient’s health, whereas the surgical operations not always bring anticipated effects. Rehabilitation saves people from pain and possible post-operative complications,’ Tomasz Winiecki M.D. adds.

The offer proposed by Krojanty Clinic is extraordinarily rich

The patients provided with hydrotherapy are offered, inter alia, rehabilitation pools, tubes used to water massages, American jacuzzi, centrifuges for lower and upper limbs, Finnish sauna, bubble bath. This is the only place in Poland where original vertical gymnastics is performed, like in Druskienniki, manual underwater massage or pouring water of 10⁰C according to Rev. Kneipp’s method.

Within physiotherapy the patients take advantage of, inter alia, laser-therapy, magnetic field, fango compresses (mixture of paraffin and volcanic dust) and shockwave, that means a new, non-invasive technique of treatment of musculoskeletal ailments.

The procedures of kinesis-therapy, acupuncture and podiatry are also carried out in the Clinic.

‘Podiatry means treatment of feet. It is applied to eliminate the patient’s pain ailments which are not completely diagnosed. In many cases restoration of symmetry and loads for the vertebral column facilitate to eliminate the pain. What helps is the individually designed and made orthopedic inserts,’ Winiecki says.

In addition, the patients may also use cryogenic chamber (liquid air), one of the first facilities in Pomorskie region, which warrants 100-percent safety.

Furthermore, the Silence Zone guarantees relaxation after the day spent on procedures, while psychotherapy assures the patient’s the psyche, having been strained by the disease, sooner recovery.

There are 85 rooms waiting for the patients, including apartments. All of them are furnished and equipped in a 4-star hotel standard. You can find antiques in the rooms and fine paintings on the walls, produced by famous painters. Health Smithy, that is a facility where a very modern out-patient clinic for locomotor systems rehabilitation is located, was awarded the title of Pomorskie Hit, which is a distinction granted every year by the self-governmental authorities of Pomorskie Province.

Several dozens of Polish cuisine dishes are served in the dining room. Special menu is prepared for the patients who keep a diet, they are either vegetarians or vegans. The cooks rely on regional products, which are selected from the best local manufacture plants by the owners themselves. Let’s taste, for instance, the best quality meat from local slaughterhouses, mushrooms from Tucholskie Forests or eggs taken straight from the farmer’s courtyard.

During 25 years of its activity Krojanty Clinic has already become famous not only in Poland, but also abroad. Well, among the patients you can find people from the Scandinavian countries and Germany.

Krojanty Clinic 18 Pułku Ułanów Pomorskich 7, Krojanty, chojnicki, Polska https://www.krojanty.com.pl/ klinika@krojanty.com.pl +48 52 398 56 56

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