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Forests of Pomorskie full of goods that can be used to create delicious treats. Juicy blueberries, aromatic mushrooms, venison – chefs of Pomorskie serve them in all shapes and sizes. What else is great in forests of Pomorskie?

Foraging for fruit and mushrooms can be quite enjoyable. Scouring the forest for sweet, tiny blueberries and raspberries, inhaling fresh forest air, makes time stand still. Similar thing happens when foraging for mushrooms with a wicker basket. Right then, every single mushroom found is the best kind of reward. Such experiences, among others, are what makes Pomorskie such a great place to visit.

Believing that the best products are local products, our chefs enjoy taking advantage of the forest riches. Here are some recipes for mushroom soups, game meat, and aromatic blueberry sauces. There is also one vegetarian option.

Vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls with mushrooms and forest fruits – Browar PG4

Vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls with mushrooms and forest fruits in PG4
The PG4 Brewery Podwale Grodzkie 4, 80-895 Gdańsk, Polska https://pg4.pl/ sale@centralhotelgdansk.pl + 48 668 215 608

Located in the heart of Gdańsk, Browar PG4 has an excellent vegetarian option. Meatless stuffed cabbage rolls smell of the most precious treasures of Kashubian forests.

– We use the most precious gifts of Kashubian forests: Kashubian mushrooms, wild raspberries from meadows and glades, as well as blueberries that we turn into caviar. The end result speaks for itself. It stimulates the senses and appetite – says Piotr Domański, head chef at Browar PG4.

Deer loin in mushroom gravy – Pałac Poraj

If you’d like to catch your breath outside the city, Pałac Poraj will be an excellent choice. It is located in the heart of a small village, near Łeba. It is surrounded by a 8.5 hectare park with three ponds and and a small island. The building alone is impressive, and its walls tell a story of more than a hundred years’ worth of events.

Pałac Poraj Restaurant brings back the best traditions of Polish cuisine. Searching for dishes with forest fruit we came across  marinated deer loin with pearl barley and aromatic mushroom gravy. It’s worth giving as shot!

Goulash soup with dried mushrooms – Stary Browar Kościerzyna

Goulash soup with dried mushrooms in Stary Browar Kościerzyna
Stary Browar Kościerzyna Słodowa 3, 83-400 Kościerzyna, Polska http://www.starybrowarkoscierzyna.pl biuro@starybrowarkoscierzyna.pl + 48 58 680 07 75

The soup is full of forest aromas, and  holds a surprise – traditional, Polish Żubrówka vodka, to spice things up. Experiencing food in such an intriguing spot as Stary Browar Kościerzyna (Kościerzyna Old Brewery), with visible historical elements, makes for an excellent experience. After the tasting session, you can try local beer, brewed on the spot.

– Our soup fits well into the autumn atmosphere. It is warm, aromatic and warming. It’s perfect for cold evenings. It’s full of forest riches. Its colours are reminiscent of autumn leaves, and its aroma – of dry moss, pine needles and mushrooms on a summer afternoon. I like the soup served with noodles -says Sławomir Miotk head chef of Stary Browar Kościerzyna restaurant.

Courtesy of the head chef, we can share with you the full recipe for this aromatic mushroom soup.

Deer tenderloin in blueberry sauce with chili – Gdański Bowke

Gdański Bowke Długie Pobrzeże 11, 80-888 Gdańsk, Polska https://gdanskibowke.com/ info@gdanskibowke.com + 48 58 380 11 11

There is a place in Gdańsk, where has stopped, where you can feel like you would in a port town, 200 years ago. Polish cuisine, home-made dumplings, freshly baked bread, pralines filled with Goldwasser liqueur, and aromatic beer from local breweries are what Gdański Bowke has to offer. The autumn menu contains a true gem: deer sirloin, a true specialty, tasting of forest and spices. The dish is accompanied by demi-glace gravy, made with berries and chilli peppers, and served with fried boletus mushrooms and Kashubian potato. Sounds delicious!

Pork tenderloin with wild mushrooms – Tabun

Tabun restaurant is famous for its delicious, home-made cider. However, there is so much more to discover here. Peaceful surroundings, horses, agritourism, a smoke-house… All this makes you feel the atmosphere of a countryside house.

The restaurant offers Polish cuisine with modern twists that still adheres to “slow food” philosophy. One of the items on the menu that fit perfectly into the autumn atmosphere is pork tenderloin smoked in the local smokehouse, with forest mushrooms. Yummy!

Deer carpaccio with juniper sauce – Kubicki

Kubicki is the oldest restaurant in Gdańsk. This makes it one of many reasons to visit. Another one is the magnificent view of the Motława River. The third – excellent cuisine that evokes historical traditions of the city. We could go on and on, as Kubicki also offers deli products as well as high quality, hand-made cigars straight from Dominicana.

But let’s focus on the kitchen. Traditionalists will be satisfied. There are no random items on the menu The autumn menu is full of delicacies, and one of our recommendations is the side-dish: deer carpaccio with juniper sauce. For main course, try wild boar loin with plum balsamic sauce. And for dessert? We recommend halva ice-cream with pickled plum.

Boar Ribs – 1906 Gourmet Restaurant

The last suggestion is a nod towards nature. Visiting the palace Ciekocinko is like traveling back in time. We go back 100 years, to the historical estate that, in spite of its restored and elegant form, hides many relics of past times.  Ciekocinko Palace is a boutique hotel, which will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. This is also true in case of the palace restaurant, 1906 Gourmet. Paweł Dołżonek, the head hef, serves a wide variety of delicacies, drawing from the wealth of nearby forests, waters and the Baltic Sea, as well as crops of the palace garden. One of the exciting items on the menu is wild boar ribs with celery, onion broth and sorrel.

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