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In the centre of Gdansk, just next to The Main Railway Station building, there is a place which every beer lover should absolutely know about. The place is called PG 4 and is worth visiting for numerous reasons.

One of the reasons is to see how the historic buildings belonging to The Main Railway Station premises, which had been empty and forgotten for many years, were restored and are now bustling with activity again. Another reason would be to try the cuisine served in PG 4, where the chef Krzysztof Sobierajski in an artful way adds a modern twist to the well-known, classic dishes.  The third, and perhaps the most important reason of all, is to try the wide range of craft beers, brewed here under a watchful eye of the brewmaster, Johannes Herbeg.

The first person I talk to is Paweł Repucha from The Sales Department. He explains to me the entire concept of the place and what distinguishes it from other restaurants in the city:

“What makes our menu different is that every dish has a dedicated type of beer which goes perfectly with it. That is because it is our priority to offer our guests the ultimate tasting experience both in terms of what they eat and what they drink. The right match of food and beer is a promise of unforgettable sensations.”

Those sensations might be experienced on one’s own, with a companion, in a small or a bigger group, as PG4 provides a wide range of group events. There is enough space to host up to a 200-people group!

But let’s take a look at the menu first. Following the chef’s recommendation, I try the steak tartare served with a house-baked, warm pretzel.  Next I taste a melt-in-the-mouth spice-marinated duck cured in goose grease, served with roast vegetables, potato noodles and an apple filled with red onion jam and raspberry flavoured beets. The beets are a cherry (or should we say a raspberry?) on top: the fruity, slightly sour taste is perfectly complimented with their tender sweetness.

I need to save some space for dessert, as the apple pie is about to be served. This sweet evergreen sounds pretty innocent, while what I see in front of me is a confectionery art jewel – a perfect crust filled with blissfully tangy mix of apples and cranberries. The most conspicuous flavour comes from the Polish russet apple variety, the best one to be used in apple pies. The acidity of the apple&cranberry mixture is softened by the addition of sweet custard and meringue. The whole combination is just amazing.

Types of beer at PG 4 Brewery

I try two types of beer with my appetizer and the main course. Gdańskie Beer is a new addition to the menu – it was served for the first time on the 6th December. This is a top-fermenting beer type, resembling a table beer brewed in Gdansk years ago. The second beer variety is Gdańskie Mocne, intense and creamy, made up of as many as five different types of grains.

As the last, but definitely not least, I try the famous Jopejskie beer (Jopenbier) – the ultimate gem in the PG4 beer collection. This original beverage is a result of painstaking efforts of the brewmaster, Johannes, who managed to recreate the recipe for the beer which had been manufactured in Gdansk since the 14th century (legend has it that even Johannes Hevelius brewed it himself)

The process of perfecting the recipe for Jopejskie was long, but was finally accomplished in 2019. PG 4 is the only brewery where you can try this historic beverage. I had the pleasure to have a glass of this special beer. Truth be told, the term ‘beer’ might be a bit misleading in this particular case, as Jopejskie is a thick liquid of very very intense flavour, more like a syrup than actual beer. It is still, not bubbly, quite dark and with strong roast coffee bean notes. 

So, foodies & beer lovers: if you feel like embarking on a time travel, come to PG4 – the place which will make your taste buds zing!

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