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Granary Island (Wyspa Spichrzów) is a corner of Gdansk, which has recently gained a lot of importance. In the past slightly forgotten, located off the beaten track, today it is pulsating with life and flavours.  I like this place, I have my favourite spots for ice cream, ramen or sushi, and recently also for family lunch or dinner. A few days ago I visited Szafarnia 10 restaurant for the first time and since then I have been wondering what took me so long! The feast that Rafał Wicki, the head chef associated with Szafarnia 10 for four years now, prepared for me will be remembered for a long time. Each of the dishes was an unforgettable one.

View of the Szafarnia 10 restaurant in Gdańsk

But let’s start from the beginning. Before I get to the food, I’d like to share the view. Not everyone knows that Szafarnia 10 belongs to some lucky people who have one of the most beautiful views of Gdańsk. The Crane (Żuraw), Long Embankment (Długie Pobrzeże), historic tenement houses that look like frosted gingerbread from bird’s-eye view can all be seen through the windows on the last floor of Szafarnia 10.

This part of the restaurant is used for organised events, but during conversation, Rafał Wicki revealed that there are ideas for opening up to a wider audience. That would be great, because it’s remarkable.

Top of the menu in Szafarnia 10

Now we go downstairs to nice wooden tables with flowers and glass walls, through which we can observe life going on outside. Browsing through the menu didn’t make it any easier to make a choice – everything sounded so delicious. I decided to go for cod steak tartare, lamb, and mango cheesecake, so praised by the head chef.

Chef of Szafarnia 10 restaurant in Gdańsk

The menu contains a lot of fish and seafood dishes, there are items of Polish cuisine (with Kashubian features, since the head chef comes from Kaszuby region), as well as Asian flavours. The restaurant is, as Rafał Wicki put it, a melting pot, in which different flavours combine and guests have the possibility to taste different kinds of dishes. “Seasonality and fresh ingredients from local suppliers are key”.

Cod steak tartare is finger-licking good! No wonder the chef believes it to be one of the best items on the menu. The fish is soft, served with dill and coarse-ground mustard. The chef doesn’t reveal the secret behind the fish’s texture. He only mentions that the meat spends some time in light brine. This is heaven!

Lamb has perfect colour and beautifully blends in with the sides, both in terms of colour and taste.

Enter the dessert: Rafał Wicki said it was very good, but I hadn’t been prepared for that! The cheesecake is creamy, melts in the mouth, and the crunchy underside with peanut butter contrasts beautifully with the velvety top. Add a refreshing mango sorbet to the equation, plus a few sour fruit and once again I’m in heaven. I’m fairly certain the best cheesecake I’ve had this year, and I’ll go back to Szafarnia 10 to have some more.

If dining experience is not enough for you, visit Szafarnia 10 on Thursday, when live music evenings are held. During these evenings you can try beer from the local brewery, Amber, or go for something stronger. Szafarnia 10 is also a gin paradise. In the “Gin Tour” section there is a wide selection of various gin brands with matching tonics (including home-made ones!). As I like gin very much, I can’t wait to try the final item on the menu: a selection of three gins paired with appropriate tonic water. My next visit to Szafarnia 10 will be after dark, when Gdańsk is lit up by street lamps, and looks equally astonishing.


Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk

phone.: + 48 58 600 85 00

e-mail: rezerwacje@szafarnia10.pl


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