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Pomorskie offers picturesque, sandy beaches, but not all will allow your beloved pet onto their premises. We have prepared a list of dog-friendly beaches together with a comprehensive list of what to remember about when taking your best friend to the seaside.

In the low season, you can freely walk your dog on almost all of the beaches in Pomorskie. During the season, May 1 to September 30, cities impose certain restrictions. The regulations are not uniform, and depend on the city where the beach is located. Therefore, before you take your pet to the seaside, check the current guidelines, available on official city websites.

Walking a dog on the beach in Gdańsk

In low season, Gdańsk allows you to take your dog to any beach. In high season, you can still walk almost everywhere, except guarded beaches, which are properly marked. However, if you are looking for a safe fenced area, why not check out Brzeźno (entrance no. 34) and the so-called Dog Station. Apart from a sandy enclosure, there are also several interesting toys and gadgets – a straight tunnel, slalom poles and crossbars for jumping. The area is open 24/7 all year round, but the exercise equipment is dismantled for the winter to protect it from flooding.

Walking a dog on the beach in Gdynia

Walking your dog on a beach is forbidden in high season in Gdynia. The city, however, designated several places with your pets in mind. The first one is located at entrance No. 4 in Babie Doły, where you have 200 metres of sandy enclosure at your disposal. The second dog beach is located in Kolibki (entrances number 18 and 19). It is a true dog paradise, and the enclosure will not let your pets get bored. The dog playground includes jumping frames, tunnels and swings for animals.

Walking a dog on the beach in Sopot

In low season, you can walk your dog along the whole stretch of the Sopot beach. In high season, two places are available – the first one is located between entrances no. 1 and 2, and the second – between entrances no. 43 and 45. You can also walk your dog on the Sopot pier, but only on a leash.

Walking a dog on the beach in Pomorskie

Not only the Tricity welcomes our canine friends with open arms. Beaches in the entire region are also open to dogs. In Sztutowo, the animal beach is located at the entrance number 56. Other beaches in Sztutowo do not allow dogs. In Łeba, dogs can enjoy two beaches – the first one located between the western breakwater and the western beach (the so-called “B” beach), and the second one east of the breakwater and the marina (the so-called “A” beach).

In Świnoujscie, dogs are welcome on the so-called “J” beach at the end of Uzdrowiskowa Street, where over 1000 square metres of space await them. In Międzyzdroje, there is a designated area for dogs between entrances L and M. Outside the designated areas, dog walking is prohibited in Międzyzdroje in high season.

Two dog beaches are also available in Kołobrzeg: eastern, which starts at the last exit in Podczele housing estate on Brzeska street, and western at the last entrance in Radzikowo housing estate on Plażowa street. In Jastarnia, dogs can enjoy the beach at entrance 55 (from the side of Jurata). In Pobierowo, entrance 32 from Graniczna Street is available. Pustkowo offers a dog beach at entrance 31 from 13 Bałtycka Street. In Trzęsacz, dogs are welcome at entrance no. 27 from 2 Rewalska Street. In Rewal, the section of the dog beach can be found at entrance 20 from 13 Klifowa Street.

The dog beach in Darłowo is located near 24 Słowiańska Street. Rowy animal beach can be found at Wczasowa 16. In Jastarnia, go to entrance 55, in Kuźnica – entrance 29, and in Dębki to entrance no. 18. Ustka is the most liberal when it comes to dogs. Here, your dog can roam any beach, except for guarded beaches between 10:00 and 18:00.

Dog beaches in Pomorskie – things to consider

Regardless of the time of year – in season or out of season, you should always remember to clean up after your pet. If you leave dog waste, you will be fined 500 PLN. Also remember to respect the nature and do not to enter dunes and nature reserves with your four-legged friends. Please also keep in mind to always walk your pet on a leash outside the enclosures, and in the case of large breeds and those considered aggressive – also with a muzzle.

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