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Today, Gdańsk is considered to be the World Capital of Amber, even though the first amber craft guild was established in 1477 in Słupsk. The Gdańsk amber guild was established three years later. This noble tradition is one of the main topics at the Gallery where, at many interesting presentations, you can learn about the history of amber and the Słupsk guild, about myths and legends and the secrets of the Amber Room. The gallery showcases 1,000 amber hearts, more than 300 shades of amber, plant and animal specimens from more than 40 million years ago, with over 1,000 amber inclusions, 200 sculptures carved entirely in amber and about 500 natural amber forms.


Tuwima 9, Słupsk

phone.: +48 59 842 73 33

e-mail: galeriabursztynowa@neostrada.pl


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