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The exact date that an amber guild was established in Słupsk is unknown. What is known is that it was one of the first amber guilds in Pomerania and had been formed before the year 1477, which was the date that the Gdańsk amber guild was established. The first amber craftsmen settled in the city by the River Słupia in 1534. It is highly probable that the local guild was established in 1450, at which time the craftsmen were customarily called Paternostermacher (rosary makers), indicating the kind of wares that they manufactured. In time, they became famous for creating amber fork and knife handles.

For several years now, the city has had a new mascot. The Lucky Bear (Niedźwiadek Szczęścia) can be found during the summer season by the City Hall, handing candy out to children. Lately, the APR Ziemia Słupska regional promotion agency has been introducing amber wares with an effigy of a bear—talisman replicas of various sizes, jewellery, ornaments and everyday items. The Bear is the city’s lucky charm. The amber figurine of a bear was found in the area in the 19th century and, according to researchers, it is a bear hunter’s talisman that dates back about 6,000 years. The original sculpture is kept in a museum in Stralsund, while an exact copy by a local artist is held on display in the City Hall.

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