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If you took a stroll down the Seaside Boulevard (Bulwar Nadmorski) in Gdynia, you would find it hard to come across a place where you could sit down, relax, and enjoy a pint of delicious beer whilst gazing into the limitless waters of the Bay of Gdańsk and Baltic Sea. This changed in 2016, when Browar Port Gdynia was opened on the Boulevard, giving many saunterers, tourists, and people living in Tri-City their favourite place in town.

Browar Port Gdynia – the first brewery in the history of Gdynia

The restaurant was opened in March, 2016. The dream of its three owners was to establish the first brewery in the history of Gdynia.

-We combine tradition and modernity. Among the beers that we brew are the classic Pils, but also American India Pale Ale – the flagship of “beer revolution”. Our beers are matured in barrels used for storing different kinds of alcohol, thus creating marvellous flavour combinations. Ingredients are our top priority, as they constitute BEER. We always check certificates, and we only use natural, high-quality ingredients – says Ewelina Brojakowska from Browar Port Gdynia.

All beers are brewed on the spot, just 10 metres from the coast of the Bay of Gdańsk. Their quality is a responsibility of two people: the Master Brewer, Wojciech Piasecki, and his apprentice, Adam Jakubowski. This duo perfectly combines classics with new-wave experiments.

There are four standard beers that comprise our offer: Light, Dark, Wheat, and Special. Light beers are usually different kinds of Pils, with different kinds of hops. Dark beers range from classic dark lagers, through light and drinkable Stouts, to Black IPAs, or even Baltic Porters or Russian Imperial Stouts – explains  Ewelina Brojakowska.

The offer also includes wheat beer, an original interpretation of the Bavarian Hefeweizen. There are also special, new-wave-style beers, very rare fantastic experiments, and even some that are one-of-a-kind in Poland (LenteBock).

And what about beer snacks? The head chef recommends the only pizza in Poland made with malts, and pork knuckle, which are just a tiny excerpt out of the rich menu of Browar Port Gdynia.

-Our beers are not only alcohol, but much more. It’s the enormous amount of work, and passion put into the entire process. What makes us stand out is the approach that combines the ever-popular classics, such as Hefeweizen, March beer, or Baltic Porter, with new, modern approach and innovative ingredients -says Ewelina Brojakowska.

The building itself was designed by a Tri-City based architect, Adam Drohomirecki. The interior includes a  brewery hall, restaurant, and a conference room. It is characteristic for its minimalism, with warm, wooden and marine elements.

In summer, guests like to relax on the terrace located on the roof of the building. It is a perfect place to enjoy delicious, amber nectar and gaze into the sea horizon.

Browar Port Gdynia ul. Bulwar Nadmorski im.Feliksa Nowowiejskiego 2, Gdynia http://www.browarportgdynia.com piwowar@browarportgdynia.com + 48 733 000 355

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