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Unusual therapies and most comprehensive diagnostics possible, combined with phenomenal knowledge about supplementation are just three of the many reasons why Św. Łukasz Medical Centre in Gdańsk is visited by patients not only from Poland, but also Russia, Great Britain, and Norway.

Authentic conversations between patients in English, Russian and Norwegian, and the incredible relationship between doctors, patients and clinic staff first caught our attention. It confirmed that we were about to explore a truly unique place. The fact that Św. Łukasz Medical Centre was one of its kind, we had already known. Here, many patients received help after struggling with, for example, Lyme disease.

How it started in Św. Łukasz Medical Centre

Everything started with treatment of chronic infections, Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases, which are very informative when dealing with health problems of the patient. It might for example turn out that in order to cure a patient, basic approach is not enough, and using antibiotics exclusively and killing off bacteria will not suffice. You need to align the work of his intestines and intestinal microbes, improve mitochondrial function, adjust hormones and deficits of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, you need to work on inflammations – says dr. Krzysztof Majdyło, founder of the Św. Łukasz Medical Centre In Gdańsk.

It quickly became clear that the operations of the Centre cover a wide range of medical services, personalised towards particular patients. Św. Łukasz Medical Centre began offering, among others, integrative oncology, i.e. oncology patient support via diet therapy, supplementation or diagnostics. Recently, the centre has also begun treating patients who struggle with autoimmune diseases, and even professional burnout, recently classified as a disease.

Working on mitochondria we are able to cure chronic fatigue, and by working with neurotransmitters we can help in treating professional burnout, depression and reduced mood. Working with minerals, the so-called orthomolecular medicine, can generally be beneficial to our health, our mental performance. This way, we deal with medicine associated with anti-ageing. We even go as far as to genetically improve body functions, touching the topic of sports medicine. That’s where we started, and that’s what had given us a broader perspective – adds Krzysztof Majdyło.

The clinic, aside from infusion of vitamins and mineral supplements, offers many non-pharmaceutical treatments and approaches. One of them is the IHHT. Its origins can be traced to military medicine. It is a cell training, in which a mixture of  high and low oxygen concentration is administered alternately. This treatment is recommended in cases of depression, fatigue or treatment of metabolic diseases. The portfolio of treatments also includes ozone therapy. Active oxygen improves the immune function and hyperthermia – artificial fever –  levels inflammation in the body.

Unusual therapies, doctors seeking personalised solutions, English-speaking nurses, and skilled medical technicians, dieticians and supplementation specialists… and a passion of patients towards Gdańsk – for these reasons, the corridors of Św. Łukasz Medical Centre Are filled not only by English, but also Russian, Norwegian and even Hebrew languages. There is a constant increase of patients from Scandinavia, Ireland, and Great Britain. There is a plethora of Russian-speaking patinets as well, and it seems that this is an increasing trend.

Św. Łukasz Medical Centre in Gdańsk Narwicka 11a, Gdańsk, Polska https://swietylukasz.pl/ info@swietylukasz.pl +48 535 931 931

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