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Created out of love and sentiment to the Polish cuisine and extremely rich Kashubian culinary tradition. It charms with its classics and surprises with modern inspirations. Located in the heart of Sopot, in one of the most beautiful resorts in the northern Europe, in the impressive Sheraton Hotel.

It invites and encourages you to enjoy in the 21st century what is the best in the culinary tradition of the region. Welcome to the Polskie Smaki restaurant.

Polskie Smaki Powstańców Warszawy 10, Sopot, Polska https://www.restauracjapolskiesmaki.com/ sopot@sheraton.com + 48 58 767 19 60

The Polskie Smaki restaurant is a synonym of national Polish cuisine at its best. As Krystian Szidel, head chef and chief executive of the restaurant section of the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot, assures us, the philosophy of the restaurant is simple: “We have to eat tastily and healthily, spend some quality time in the concept of Slow Food in an exceptionally atmospheric place with a view of the pier and sea, and taste Polish wines or regional, authentic old Polish liqueurs.” Polskie Smaki restaurant cuisine is by definition simple, flavourful and reminiscent of old times. Slightly poor but enriched with some exquisite and sophisticated dishes such as deer meatballs or wild boar ham.

The Polskie Smaki Restaurant – journey through rich flavours of Kashubia

The Polskie Smaki restaurant menu is a journey through the rich flavours of Kashubia. The aforementioned wild boar ham is prepared for two weeks from almost 20 ingredients. Many recipes are inspired by recipes from a hundred years ago. The cookbook “Kuchnia Polska” is one of the chef’s favourite readings.

It is best to start the feast at the Polskie Smaki restaurant with a cold goose meat starter. “Our dishes are based on ingredients from local suppliers. We try to use all the gifts of nature and the richness of Kashubian region,” says Krystian Szidel.

ząć od przystawki w postaci gęsiny na zimno. – Nasze dania oparte są o składniki pochodzące od lokalnych dostawców. Staramy się wykorzystać wszystkie dary natury oraz bogactwo Kaszub – opowiada Krystian Szidel.

After the starter, it’s time for the main course: venison meatballs and goose dumplings. “Sea buckthorn, cowberry, goose, game, mushrooms or cranberries come from here, from this region.

On the other hand, dumplings are a cross-section through the richness of Kashubia – cabbage, mushrooms, Baltic sea trout, goose – we make them on the spot using fresh spices, herbs and only natural ingredients,” adds the chef.

The products from which the dishes served in the Polskie Smaki restaurant are made, come from trusted local suppliers. Sopot Sheraton Hotel has been cooperating with them for many years, which guarantees the highest quality. The menu is seasonal and its content is dictated by nature.

“Some of the products come from outside the Kashubian region, such as rye flour, which we buy from a miller from Podlasie. Apart from cranberries, plums, sunflower seeds and a few years old sourdough, flour is the most important ingredient of bread baked in our ovens. We also smoke duck, goose and game ourselves, and prepare wild boar lard on site, all depending on the season. We share our own products on the Kashubian Table, where everyone can see how bread baked on the spot with real butter, pickled cucumber and lard tastes” encourages Krystian Szidel.

While we’re at it, we ask the chef why he decided on Kashubian and regional cuisine. What these flavours have captured him with?

“The cuisine served in Polskie Smaki Restaurant is very close to my heart because I have been associated with the Kashubian region since I was born,” answers Krystian Szidel. “Here I grew up and got to know the cuisine from an early age. Travelling locally, as well as all over Poland, I try to discover what else our cuisine is hiding, so as to be able to be inspired anew and bring something new from each trip, something that will allow me to enrapture our guests. I try to transfer my experience and observations into the next flavour, so that guests can go on this culinary journey through Kashubia together with me. Each dish is a combination of the cultural heritage of the region, creativity and many years of experience I have gathered while working in France and Poland.”

Kaszëbskô cuisine? Polskie Smaki Restaurant!

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