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The theatre stage of Tabun Restaurant offers an unforgettable combination of culinary delights and art. In the restaurant room, among the guests, extraordinary performances take place, followed by a themed refreshment related to the spectacle.

On a warm June evening, the excellent play “Variations énigmatiques” by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt was performed on Tabun’s theatre stage. Fast paced plot, expressive dialogues and interesting stage design were the undeniable assets of the spectacle and kept the audience captivated for the whole hour and a half.  Here, on a remote island in the Norwegian Sea, just before the onset of the six-month night, two men meet – a renowned writer and a visiting journalist. The role of the writer, who conceals a completely different face beneath a mask of cynicism, was brilliantly portrayed by Piotr Dąbrowski, while the role of the secretive, enigmatic journalist was played by the exceptional Piotr Cyrwus. A female character appeared in the background and there were plot twists, too.

Perhaps it was the proximity of the actors or the atmosphere prevailing on this extraordinary theatre stage that allowed the emotions of the characters played by the actors to affect the guests. The viewers, engrossed in the unfolding story, admitted that an hour and a half of the performance flew by at a frantic pace.

As with every production that takes place on Tabun’s theatre stage, after “Variations énigmatiques,” the guests were treated to refreshments in a style reminiscent of the showcased play. Agata Falkiewicz-Ponikowska, the restaurant’s owner, tells us more about what was served on the tables:

“I aimed to create a midsummer atmosphere, a Scandinavian moment of transition. The guests were offered dishes inspired by the cuisine of that region: cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar), fancy open sandwiches (smørrebrød) with typical Scandinavian ingredients such as salt-cured and dill-infused salmon (gravad lax), dill, potatoes, herring and wholemeal bread.”

The main feature on the tables, beautifully adorned with bouquets composed by Mrs. Agata, were ferns – the plant symbolising the summer solstice. The guests were also treated to delicious Tabun cider. Tabun Craft Cider Mill, created by Michał Ponikowski, is a facility adjacent to the restaurant and guarantees a steady supply of this excellent, multiple award-winning beverage.

Tabun Restaurant’s theatre stage has been open for eight years. Several theatrical plays and feasts have been staged there so far. The greatest feast takes place during the performance of “Dinner for Four Hands,” which tells the story of the confrontation of two most eminent baroque musicians – J.S.  Bach and J.F. Haendel. What sets this spectacle apart from others on Tabun stage is the fact that the audience, together with the actors, partakes in a feast during the performance. Extraordinary dishes such as oysters, asparagus or roasted quails appear on the actors’ and guests’ tables.

For those interested in Tabun Restaurant’s theatre stage, we have good news: there are plans for more productions. We can expect a new play and another feast in the autumn or winter. To stay up to date with the latest news, it’s a good idea to follow the restaurant’s social media profile online (Instagram: restauracja_tabun /https://www.instagram.com/restauracja_tabun/). Close encounters with theatre are guaranteed!

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