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What is the best gift for Children’s Day? Time together! 1 June is the perfect opportunity to experience a beautiful regional adventure together with your child. We suggest where to go to have fun with the whole family and enjoy contact with nature.

Unicorns, lions and old gates – a family walk in Gdańsk

We recommend a fairytale walk along the trail of hidden animals in Gdańsk, combined with reading legends at the Upland Gate. This is a proposal for the whole family, hungry for mysterious stories. Together you will track down lions, eagles, turtles, sheep and even a mysterious amber cat. The fairytale adventure will delight not only the youngest. It is organised by our sister project Pomorskie Tours and the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organisation.

Asparagus festival, or Children’s Day in Swołowo

If your family loves asparagus, you will not find a better proposal for Children’s Day in Pomorskie. The asparagus festival, full of tasty food in which asparagus plays the main role, but not only, is a world-class opportunity to feast with the whole family. The open-air event will take place in the idyllic garden at farmsteads 8 and 9 in Swołowo. Local enthusiasts will present their dishes and preparations made from asparagus; soups, grilled, fried, baked, with or without side dishes, and asparagus in various culinary variations. There will also be workshops and culinary demonstrations, not just for children, as well as live music and entertainment on the grass.

5th Northern Kashubian Manor and Palace Festival

The festival runs from 30 May to 2 June and some of the attractions are dedicated to the youngest. Both adults and children are sure to enjoy it, as the festival is primarily about discovering historical buildings ‘from behind the scenes’ in an interesting setting, but also about workshops and animations for the youngest. Thus, the Pałac Pod Bocianim Gniazdem (Stork’s Nest Palace) will host chess tournaments for children and adults, the Godętowo Palace will host creative workshops for the whole family and the Jackowo Manor will host games for children including horse riding demonstrations.

Children’s Days at the open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie

Is a museum for fun? It can! You can find out at the Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. You can play with the unusual exhibition for children (and not only), where you can touch the past with all your senses, find out what an open-air museum is and who creates museum collections, and design the museum of the future. You can also leave a letter here for the children to read in 100 years’ time! Traditional Kashubian games – ‘bùczka’ (piglet) and ‘klóska’ (clipping) – are also planned here on 1-2 June. You can also try your hand at walking on stilts and in ‘corks’, and make your own crepe paper flowers.

Children’s Day ‘U Młynarza’ in Mokry Dwór

Plenty of activities await you at the ‘U Młynarza’ educational homestead. You can sign up for the family workshop ‘From Grain to Loaf’, where together you can bake buns, feed the animals, visit the mill and mill your own flour. Older children (6+) will enjoy the ‘Windmill Tinkering’ workshop, where you will assemble and paint windmill models. Additional attractions include barbecued sausages from the grill and potatoes from the bonfire, XXL bubble shows, animal feeding and outdoor games and activities.

Zwierzaki Nad Potokiem – feed alpacas and other animals by hand

Here you will meet: alpacas, emu, kangaroos, llamas, ostrich, ponies horses, fallow deer, goats and sheep. And you can feed all these animals from your hand, according to the guidelines you get at the entrance. You will also get food on site. Zwierzaki Nad Potokiem is a wonderful place where children and adults can just be, together with the animals. On the occasion of Children’s Day, the hosts have additionally prepared: a station with big soap bubbles and face painting. Plus – a bonfire and pony rides from 11am to 3pm.

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