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The first Mera Spa Golf Cup ‘22 tournament is just around the corner. The event will take place on the 27th August, 2022 at The Tokary Golf Club in the Tri-City region. Both advanced players and amateurs are welcome to participate and to take advantage of the opportunity to try their hand at golf and to experience the thrill and challenge of this unique sport. Golf in Pomorskie – let’s try!

Golf is one of the oldest sports. It was one of the Olympic disciplines in 1900 and 1904. Recently, in 2016, after quite a long time, it reappeared in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nearly 150 million people play golf worldwide. Thanks to such well-known players as Jack Nicklaus, Rory Mcllroy and the most famous – Tiger Woods – playing golf has become more popular.

Golf: a Royal game with a distinct etiquette

Golf: a game for everyone

Golf is an extraordinary game, not only in the sports aspect, but also in the social dimension. It teaches one to respect principles, to be patient, to focus and to follow basic fair-play rules. It gives players lessons in humility, offers direct contact with nature, brings lots of satisfaction and, at the same time, poses challenges.

You can play golf either by yourself or with other people. It is an excellent opportunity to spend time with family and/or friends. There are no age limits in this sport, no need to practise regularly, no pressure to reach the highest score. It enables players to relax outdoors with no risk of injury. The fresh air results in a positive impact on the human psyche and gives us a break from our everyday problems.

Although as many as 192 muscles are engaged during a round of golf, the most important work is done in the mind. That is why golf is played both by young and old. The player covers a distance of about 6-10 km during the entire game, by keeping a walking pace, not too fast. Thanks to a special system of handicap points, it is one of the few disciplines where players of such diversified age, weight and body build may compete on an equal level; an amateur can compete against a pro in a golf game.

Golf is played on outdoor grassy terrains. The goal of the game is for the player to hit the golf ball into a series of holes in the ground, called cups, in as few tries as possible. The holes have a cylindrical shape, 10.8 cm in diameter and a depth of approximately 15 cm. The ball is put in play by striking it with special clubs. Each try at hitting the ball is called a stroke. Every round of golf is based on playing a number of holes on the course in a given order.  A standard round of golf on a golf course consists of 18 holes.

Golf: a Royal game with a distinct etiquette

Golf has always attracted the elites, as it was regarded to be a game for high society. The King of Scotland, James IV and the Queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, were among its passionate devotees. Golf is a Royal game, in which the etiquette and dress code are of great importance. The first mention of golf dates back to 15th century Scotland. It was also in Scotland where, in 1774, the rules of the game were codified.  The origin of the name of the game derives from the Dutch word ‘colf ‘ (meaning ‘a cane‘ or ‘a club‘)  A game resembling golf was played in the 13th-century Netherlands, where players hit a leather ball aimed at a goal.

What differentiates golf from other sport disciplines is its distinct etiquette. The specific code of conduct and even the golfer’s outfit play a significant role in the game. The values which are the most important are: respect for the other players, self-discipline and punctuality. Each golfer must observe the game’s safety rules and regulations. One must make sure before making a swing with the club, that other players are standing at a safe distance away. It is forbidden to distract players while they are attempting a swing or to disrupt the game in any way. The key factor in golf is concentration, therefore, the golf course must be a quiet and calm place. It is not allowed to raise one’s voice and shout loudly, unless the purpose is to warn a person against a ball flying in their direction. In such a case you shout “fore”.

Golf in Poland: golf courses, clubs and tournaments

Poland is also a country with quite a long golfing culture and heritage. Its history dates back to the times of Polish kings. Unfortunately, the communist regime condemned golf as a discipline for the  ‘privileged’ social classes. It made golf, until recently, a rather niche discipline in Poland. Golf is most popular in the United States and Great Britain. Lately in Poland one can notice a steadily growing interest in golf. There are perhaps two reasons for this: the success of a Polish golfer and Olympic sportsman – Adrian Meronek – as well as upgraded infrastructure.

In spite of the fact that in Poland the average golf club comprises only about 200 members (in The Netherlands the average number is 1800, whereas in Spain or Scandinavia approximately 1000), one cannot complain about the dynamic development of golf courses in our country. There are currently 70 such facilities in Poland. Golf in Pomorskie is more and more popular. In the Pomorskie region there are three well-known golf courses: Postołowo Golf Club, Sierra Golf Resort and Tokary Golf Club. What is interesting is every golf course is different. There are no two alike, as the natural features of the terrain – meadows, forests, lakes and ponds, the design of particular holes and the positioning of greens – have influence on the shape and attractiveness of any given golf course.

Golf in Pomorskie: Tokary Golf Club

Tokary golf course, built in 2001, is located on the territory of the Przodkowo commune, approximately 15 km away from Gdańsk. The quiet village of Tokary is situated in the Kashubian Lake District (sometimes referred to as ‘Kashubian Switzerland’).  The landscape, full of hills and woodlands, makes the golf course a diversified and demanding terrain for the players. On the area of 65 ha there are: a 18-hole driving range, a chipping green, a putting green and a 3-hole golf academy. Tokary Golf Club there has the only Par 6 hole in Poland, a 540 metre distance. The golf course in Tokary is characterized by a great variety of shapes of holes and greens. There are two Full Swing and one ForeSight golf simulators available on the club premises plus a locker room and club lounge. Guests can also use the modern, indoor tennis courts and eat a delicious meal at the Roda restaurant, specializing in Polish cuisine.

Tokary Golf Club

Mera SPA Golf Cup ‘22:  Tournament open for all

To play golf here you do not need to be a member of the golf club. All you need is a little enthusiasm and time. Many clubs organize open golf tournaments. Such events, in which total beginners can try their hand, are a great way to promote golf as a sport. The upcoming event, Mera Spa Cup’ 22, is held in the Pomerania region on the 27th of August. It is divided into two parts: the main tournament for experienced golfers and the golf academy for beginners. The tournament attracts golfers not only from Poland but from the whole world. The event is of an open-category type and outside of the main tournament every visitor can experience its attractions.

It is our first tournament and the positive feedback we get from the golfing world lets us hope we can hold this kind of event regularly and expand it. It is our dream to make this event a regular feature in the calendar of events in  the Pomeranian district and nationwide.  That is why we would like to encourage companies active on the local market to join us in promoting our event  – says Krzysztof Szkarłat, Mera SPA manager, a golfer and the originator of the Mera Spa Golf Cup.

Apart from the tournament and golf academy the event will also feature a fashion show by the Polish designer Olga Idzik (COCHO brand) of her “Mera Spa by Olga Idzik” line. Other accompanying events will feature cosmetological consultations and skin type analysis with Maria Galland Paris brand; beauty workshops co-organized by Mera Spa and Nova Group, massage sessions, sports activities and  Alicja Walczak’s works exhibition.

The overall prize value is high and the prizes themselves – very attractive. We hope that both the contestants as well as the spectators will enjoy the event very much – adds Krzysztof Szkarłat.

The tournament registration is now open. The first contestants have already signed up. Please visit the dedicated website for contestants: www.mera-spa.com/golfcup22

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