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Bazuny Hotel *** & SPA proudly provides you with the unique offer from the only Kashubian SPA in Poland, inspired by the natural beauty and richness of the region. The SPA’s extensive body treatment offer includes unique Kashubian rituals that incorporate amber. Amber Face Massage—performed with natural amber for restored energy levels, relaxation and rejuvenation. Amber Massage—performed using natural ground amber. Its soothing properties have a beneficial impact on both body and mind. The amber stimulates your muscles, energy lines and chakras, activates your inner energy and neutralizes excessive positive charge that accumulates inside of the body due to stress or infections. It effectively intensifies skin blood flow, supports the immune system and allows you to relax.

Amber Face Massage (PLN 70) and Amber Massage (PLN 130)

Kościuszki 17, Kościerzyna
Phone. +48 58 680 21 20
e-mail: spa@hotelbazuny.pl

Kościuszki 17, Kościerzyna

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