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The world is changing, not only for us, but also our four-legged friends. Recently we wrote about pet-friendly hotels, today we are taking a closer look at the restaurants and cafés where our dogs are as welcome as we are. Some places are willing to go the extra mile and offer the dogs much more than just a water bowl. Here are the recommended pet-friendly restaurants and cafés in Pomorskie.   

Cały Gaweł – rice noodles with liver

Cały Gaweł is one of those restaurants where they pamper both humans and animal guests with their unique culinary experience.  They serve breakfasts, soups, fish and seafood, meat as well as vegetarian dishes, burgers, aromatic tea, coffee and great cocktails. The owners of the Sopot-based restaurant care for dogs very much, offering them a special menu.

– There is always a bowl with fresh water for our lovely dog friends, we are so happy that guests bring them along to our place. On our menu we have rice noodles with liver, a favourite dish ordered by guests for their dogs. Pet owners quite often celebrate their birthdays in our restaurant – says Gaweł Czajka, the owner of Cały Gaweł.

Cały Gaweł not only cares for their four-legged guests, but shows support for those less fortunate ones – the homeless dogs. Each year the restaurant sells the Regular Guest golden plaques and donates the proceeds earned thereby to the Sopot Animal Shelter.

Pierogarnia Mandu dumpling house – dumplings for people, a doggy buffet for pets

Where do the dumpling lovers and pet lovers meet? In Pierogarnia Mandu dumpling house, of course! Not only is it one of the most popular dumpling houses in our region, it also has a special section on the menu dedicated for pets.

– We have been a dog-friendly place since the very beginning, and last year we even went a step further – apart from a water bowl we offer our guests’ dogs a possibility to have a tasty meal that can be ordered from the dog menu. On the front page of our dog menu, instead of “Pierogarnia Mandu” there is a heading “Psierogarnia Mandu” humorously referring to our dog-friendly atmosphere – says Agnieszka Stecka, the regional manager of Pierogarnia Mandu.

What can we order for our dogs in Mandu then? There are four options to choose from, all of them made by the “Psi Bufet” catering company – fried chicken, beef, turkey or lamb bites. The ingredients in all the dishes are fresh, without artificial colourants and preservatives. Your dog will be happy – we promise.

Marilyn Bar in Straszyn – pet-friendly restaurants in Pomorskie region

The menu of Marilyn Bar is a tribute to the American cuisine. There are among other dishes, a typical American breakfast, with eggs and grilled bacon, onion rings, a sweet creamed corn soup made according to Magda Gessler’s recipe (the restaurant was given a makeover in a popular TV show, a Polish edition of “Kitchen Nightmares”), Tex-Mex Chicken, a tomahawk pork chop or sweet pancakes.

The owners did not forget about the dogs, either, offering them a four-course menu. The dogs visiting Marilyn Bar may try a Puppy Cream, a cup of whipped cream, for a starter, and next  – one of the main courses – tender turkey, aromatic duck or juicy beef. Each main course is served with a plate of mixed vegetables, selected supplements and other treats, making it a fully nutritious, healthy dog food.

Deska Kuchnia i Wino – bring your dog here for a tartare steak or braised beef

In the heart of Sopot we can find a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, along with a fine selection of wines. In the menu you can find tiger prawns, a beef tartare steak, a creamy Italian tomato soup, seafood chowder, beef Sirloin steak, roast cod or seafood tagliolini. There are also two intriguing items on the menu dedicated for dogs: braised beef with carrots and rice as well as a tartare sirloin beef steak. We are sure that, having tried those, dogs would love to visit the place again.

Lekko Good Food & Friends – beef cookies for your dog

In Lekko Good Food & Friends we can choose from a variety of dishes such as pizza, pasta, house-made buns with various fillings, salads and soups. There are some colourful and delicious cocktails, too. This place is worth visiting if you would like to eat a hearty meal. And bring your dog in if you want to – don’t leave your four-legged friend at home. At Lekko Good Food & Friends the atmosphere is friendly, both for people as well as for pets. There are special snacks for them – dog cookies made of high quality beef, which will surely make your pup wag its tail with joy. 

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