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Are you planning a holiday by the sea? Would you like to take your pet with you? There’s plenty of pet-friendly accommodation in Pomorskie! We’ve prepared a list of such spots in our region. A holiday paradise not exclusively for cats and dogs!

Pet-friendly hotels – where to find them?

Getting ready for the long-anticipated holidays by the sea and you’re wondering: what about the cat, dog, or rabbit? Leave them in good hands, or take with you? Maybe you can’t imagine spending holidays without your pets? The answer to these questions is: find a pet-friendly hotel in Pomorskie! The good news is that every year new ones open up. Some of these places love animals so much that they have additional activities prepared especially for them. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 animal-friendly hotels by the sea.

PURO hotel loves animals, and animals love PURO Hotel

If you’re into holidays in places teeming with life until late evening, PURO hotel is an excellent choice. It is located in the heart of Gdańsk, near the Granary Island (Wyspa Spichrzów), allowing you and your pet friend to experience late night walks around the most exciting parts of Gdańsk. And should you become hungry as a wolf, or a dog, there are plenty of fine, animal-friendly restaurants that will make sure both you and your pet are satisfied. Nearby, there are plenty of stores, a modern shopping mall – Forum Gdańsk, a cinema, theatre, lots of pubs and cocktail bars. The Old Town is also an excellent starting point for trips to the sea-adjacent districts, such as Brzeźno, Jelitkowo and Westerplatte.

“All PURO hotels welcome animals without any additional fees, regardless of their size and weight. Our guests often turn up with their best friends. Not that long ago, our Gdańsk-based hotel had 23 dogs at the same time. We haven’t had any exotic animals visit our hotels yet, but they will also be most welcome. Guests are allowed to bring their pets to all hotel spaces, of course provided they will take responsibility for them, not to disturb other guests,” said Krzysztof Śmiech, Senior Sales Manager of PURO Hotel.

Miau Hotel – hairball holiday

Imagine a lovely house in the Kashubia region, close to the sea, where your pet rests, and you just… make sure they have everything they need. Fortunately, there is everything for the pets to be happy within the premises, so you also can relax. The owners of the house run a small hotel for pets in Gdynia, so animals are especially dear to them. This is why they decided to extend their offer. Right now, they are offering an 80-metre house that you can rent for you and your cat, dog, rabbit, or any other animal friend.

“Dogs, cats, or rabbits are family. You don’t go on holidays without your family. We offer 400 metres of fenced enclosure for dogs. Cats and rabbits have one for themselves. The house is animal-friendly, there is also a dog pool and a garden dog sofa. The plot is located 4 minutes from the lake. It’s a pet paradise,” said Sabina Skaza from Miau Hotel.

Pod Cyprysami – animals at heart

Pod Cyprysami is a family-run resort located on the Hel Peninsula, in the town of Jastarnia. Speaking of family: your beloved dog comes in a package. The owners of the resort prepared a dedicated package for guests who visit with their best friends. It’s called “The Dog Week”, and includes activities with a dog behaviourist. The package includes: 7 nights in the resort, 5 days of workshops for pets and their owners, 2 lectures with a dog behaviourist and doggo surprises. There are green areas all around, and it’s only a 5-minute walk to the sea through the forest. What’s important, there is also a dog beach nearby. Does it sound like a dog’s paradise? Of course it does! All the pets visiting the resort will receive a special welcome gift – a bowl, an anti-skid mat, a blanket and a treat. Their humans will also be satisfied, with yoga classes, windsurfing, sauna, a wooden bath as well as massage sessions and physiotherapy.

Tristan Hotel. What pets want.

Cats and dogs are a standard in this place. But imagine a rabbit enjoying crispy salad on a hotel bed, and then, after the delicious meal, enjoying their favourite pastime – hopping, of course – on the hotel halls. Such guests are a frequent sight in the Tristan Hotel & SPA, located in Kąty Rybackie. There is a video that you can watch on the hotel’s website section dedicated to the animal guests, showing how Sparky the rabbit enjoyed his stay. He would rate it five starts, if he used the internet! The hotel welcomes small and large animals, also long-furred ones. You can sleep with your pet in the bed – for this, you will receive a special blanket. If you want, you will also get a special towel to dry the paws after a stroll, a stainless steel bowl, and emergency meals. Just in case your best friend runs out of food.

Houses in Rowy are an animal paradise

Rowy is a picturesque, seaside town located near Gardno lake, where you can endlessly stroll with your dog friend. Consider this place as a destination where you can enjoy fresh, sea breeze. If you’d like to take your pet for a holiday, wooden houses in Rowy will be an excellent choice. The owners are 100% pro-animal, so you don’t have to worry that your best friend will disturb anyone. Houses in Rowy is a paradise for pets that need both peace & quiet, and a hefty dose of daily activities. There’s place for running around, there’s also a dog beach where your dog can dig a couple of holes and meet new friends. Dog owners will also be happy. Apart from a happy dog, they will get: peace, quiet, and respite from everyday mundanity.

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