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Spring is when nature comes back to life, which gives an energy boost as well. It’s a great time to think about your wellbeing. An excellent idea is to attend one of the local workshops that will regenerate your body and lift your spirit. We’ve connected with our partners to check what spring attractions they have prepared. Among them are: yoga and meditation, experiencing the forest with all four senses (forest immersion), cacao ceremony, a session with Tibetan singing bowls, and a celebration of femininity.

Spring is magical! After the cold, dark, and damp winter months, spring gives us back one of the more precious things we have: the joy of life and with it – the will to introduce positive changes in life. Spring makes you crave for more. More exercise, more healthy food, more meditation…

“Each year, I impatiently await spring. We say no the grey of autumn and winter, and disperse them with green, spring forests and meadows. Our senses, overwhelmed up until now, demand the crispness of the air that comes with returning birds. Animals wake up from the winter slumber and bring first green leaves and flowers. Everything comes back to life once again. It’s a perfect moment to begin “once again”. Reorganize daily life and to something for yourself, like taking care of your health. Hope comes back with spring, too. The energy comes back,  together with willingness to act, plan or make changes. It’s an excellent moment for a forest stroll to clear your head,” says Marzena Żachowska, a certified guide of the Forest Therapy Institute, who organises the so-called forest baths.

If you feel like you need an incentive that will inspire changes in your life, we’ve compiled a list of spring workshops in Pomorskie, prepared by our partners. 

Workshops in Pomorskie: Forest therapy on the Vistula Spit

Marzena Żachowska is a certified forest therapist, who has for years been organising the so-called forest baths on the Vistula Spit. You might be familiar with her work from our previous article. Marzena has prepared a series of five thematic meetings, with a forest sleep over, to celebrate spring. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

“The world of body sensations”, “Woman, wife, mother… Lover?”, “My relationship with myself and the world”, “My needs”, and “When life hurts too much” – this is the agenda of the workshops.  All will start in the early evening, just before sunset. Afterwards, you can stay in the forest for the night if you’d like. The spring workshops will take place at the end of April.

“What will happen in the forest? Light and darkness, turning into pitch black. Shadows and shapes of the upcoming night. Sounds, reminding that the forest never sleeps. It’s me and you, here and now. Our night fears, daily goodbyes, and saying hello to the night. Joy in the morning. Using visualisation techniques and mindfulness, we shall immerse ourselves in the forest with all our senses,” Marzena Żachowska said. 

For details, visit lesnezanurzenie.pl

Workshops in Pomorskie: Yoga and meditation in Sulęczyno’s Leśny Dwór

There is a place in the heart of Kashubia, near Węgorzyno lake, where time has no meaning. Leśny Dwór in Sulęczyno is a perfect place for workshops of any kind. The historical building encourages slow-paced leisure, looking for peace and balance. 

Between March 18-20, a yoga spring session will be taking place. It’ll be a time to not only practice yoga, but also to get practical knowledge of meditation, as well as learn relaxation techniques that will help release stress. Apart from yoga practice, relaxation, and meditation, there will be lots of networking, and vegetarian cuisine in the hotel restaurant, Biôłi Trus, founded by its head chef, Marcin Popielarz. 

“Yoga workshops in Leśny Dwór are a perfect way to improve your physical prowess, regenerate, and take care of your health, both physical and mental. It’s about harmony, really. Harmony between body, mind, and soul,” summed up Marta Dworak, PR & Marketing Manager of Leśny Dwór hotel in Sulęczyno. 

Workshops in Pomorskie: A weekend of 7 wonders and wellness workshops in Notera Hotel SPA, Tuchola Forest

To see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh, and love. These are the 7 wonders of the world that let us fully experience our lives. It’s also the main theme of the workshops that will take place on March 11-13 in Notera Hotel SPA in Tuchola Forest. If you’re craving for relaxation and natural flavours that will bring back the balance to your life, you should take up on the offer.

The programme of the workshops includes: body scrubs and masks in a steam bath, relaxation in a salt cave, yoga, a cocoa ceremony with organic cocoa beans, vegetable pickle-making workshops for adults, macramé workshops – the Arabic art of knotting, Tibetan singing bowls workshop, and a session with a sauna master. 

Notera Hotel SPA will also host wellness workshops on March 18-20. The planned activities include relaxation in the salt grotto, detoxifying treatments in the Zone Beyond Stress, meditation, and relaxation accompanied by drum, jaw harp and crystal bowls, yoga with a cocoa ceremony, tension-reducing workshops “sounds of the soul”, and concerts of singing bowls and gongs.

Celebration of femininity and yoga weekend workshops in Pomorskie at Pałac Łebunia

Take a deep breath. Inhale, and fill yourself with self-love. Then exhale, and let out all that stops you from easy living. This is the main theme of four segments of workshops called “I’m close to me”, hosted by Pałac Łebunia. These workshops help you learn self-care and celebrate femininity. Everything will take place in a picturesque town in Pomorskie, where you will experience how it is to be yourself, far away from the city noise. The workshops will be conducted by psychotherapist Magdalena Olech. The agenda includes a trip to the sea, accommodation for two nights with breakfast, two lunches and two dinners, and a 10% discount on SPA treatments. The workshops will take place on March 11-13.

Moreover, Pałac Łebunia will also hold a yoga weekend on June 3-5. This is something for those who have already been practising yoga, as well as complete newbies. Yoga practice with other people, while being away from home, is an interesting way to spice up solitary exercise. It brings a different kind of energy and intensity… Your mind will relax, as will your body. A sense of calmness and mindfulness will pour down on you. The offer includes: accommodation for two nights with vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, 4 yoga sessions, 3 meditation sessions, and a discount on SPA treatments.

Workshops in Pomorskie: Workshops full of flowers, and a weekend of leisure in Pałac Poraj

What if you ran away from the entire world with a friend, or a group of friends? Relax, in harmony with nature, in the old house of Pałac Poraj. It’s a perfect plan for a girls’ getaway on the weekend of April 8-10. The adventure begins on Friday, with a light wine supper. Gossip, laughter, and celebration of meeting at one table. Wade through the morning dew on Saturday. Eat breakfast on the grass, and spend the entire day in pyjamas. Then, have light lunch and floristry workshop organised by Zielona Symfonia flower shop. And finally, of course, wine and sining.

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