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No other season is awaited as eagerly as spring. Very soon, magnolias will bloom in the Oliwa Park and mirabelle trees will be covered in white flowers. Today, we are taking you to five places in Gdansk where you can already feel the spring ambience.

Spring flavours at GOLDWASSER restaurant

The spring flavours at Goldwasser restaurant are represented by a delicate, fluffy cream of green young peas with mint and fresh nettle, served with a flowery-pea chip and chive-flavoured oil. If we were to imagine spring on a plate, this would be it, beautiful as a spring meadow.

Rafael Dargacz, the head chef of Goldwasser, says: “the whole thing should be fresh, light, fragrant, and peasy.” And that’s exactly what it is like! Chef Rafael also presents his second spring dish: lamb marinated in new pine shoots with tarragon sauce, cauliflower couscous, compressed cucumber with tarragon and young blanched vegetables. The dish is a perfect combination of various textures, colours and flavours.

Spring flavours at FISCHGARTEN restaurant

The next stop in the search of spring flavours is Fischgarten restaurant located near the Oliwa Zoo. Chef Beata Bilińska serves a dish which sends a manifest message: spring has arrived in Tricity for good!

The main feature of the chef’s concept is a creative approach to Polish cuisine, using Polish ingredients. Spring should be colourful and fresh, and the dish that we try is a perfect reflection of these words. The spring flavours on the plate are dumplings in four flavours and colours: with parsley, white chocolate and brown butter; carrot with oranges; spinach with mint and garlic and beetroot.  The dumplings are served on a fluffy pillow of parsnip puree and with a side of seasonal vegetables, such as pickled beets, carrots and radishes.

Spring flavours at ELIKSIR restaurant

Chef Paweł Wątor from Eliksir restaurant in Garnizon (Gdańsk), welcomes spring with Scottish salmon served with parsnip purée, celery gratin and gooseberry mousse. Eliksir is one of the few places where salmon is prepared in such a way as to preserve its pink center,  allowing us to fully appreciate its taste. The fish is delicate and creamy – when we say that it “melts in your mouth” we mean it, literally. This feature of salmon is enhanced by the excellent, intense sauce based on reduced fish broth and butter, as well as purée made from parsnip and parsley, while the tangy note of gooseberry enhances all the flavors.

Bartosz Stanisławski, the head bartender, recommends the Dywizjon 303 cocktail as the perfect accompaniment for this dish. The cocktail menu is inspired by the books from school reading list, he explains, and the leading notes of Dywizjon 303 are allspice, apples, English gin and herbal liqueur.

Spring flavours at CANIS restaurant

Chef Mateusz Janusz likes to surprise his guests and this spring will be no different! Those eager to try spring flavours may already be looking forward to the new menu, which will feature plenty of unique flavour combinations. The best person to tell you about it is the chef himself: “The spring flavours at our restaurant are made up of lots of new things. We will be serving dishes spiced up with various world cuisines, and today’s appetizer is a good example of that. Its creation was inspired by superfoods, in other words: foods that are rich in nutrients. On the plate, we have a ‘risotto’ made from sunflower, pumpkin and pine seeds, combined with a green herb sauce, gyoza dumplings filled with smoked tofu, quinoa and Indian spices to intensify the umami flavour. As a side dish, we have marinated radish in passion fruit & yuzu juice and watercress.”

Spring flavours at GDAŃSKI BOWKE Restaurant

In Gdański Bowke restaurant the chef Marcin Faliszek makes a crunchy Ceasar salad. It’s a classic that should not be forgotten about! Tender romaine lettuce accompanied by perfectly fried marinated chicken, crispy bacon, Bursztyn cheese and cherry tomatoes is served with garlic dressing and croutons.

There are more spring salad flavours on the menu at Gdański Bowke alongside the Caesar salad: you can order a vegetarian salad with goat cheese and delicious strawberry vinaigrette, while carnivores can indulge in a fried liver salad with cranberry sauce.

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