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If you need peace, quiet and a couple of blissful moments, you can find it in Pierszczewek. Slow breakfasts made with local products, eggs from happy chickens, bathing in a banya and long walks along the lake shore all await you at the Stare Gospodarstwo farm.

Breakfast with the host

“We have the atmosphere”.  These words will greet you at the doorstep of the inn, where every morning the hosts serve delicious breakfasts to their guests. It is always made with local products, including home-made cold meat and eggs, which Anna and Paweł, the owners of the farm, have just collected from their free-range, happy chickens.

Photos: Paweł Piwowar

In addition, mushrooms foraged in the nearby forest, bread from a neighbour who bakes only 10 breads a day, and milk products from a neighbour who has only one cow. They use fruit from their own fruit trees to make preserves, and buy vegetables from a farmer on the other side of the lake. Everything is delicious, healthy and very local.

Photo: Paweł Piwowar

To just be

There are four stylishly furnished double rooms with private bathrooms, only for adults. There is and will be no more, because as the hosts emphasize – this intimacy has its charm. There are only 6 people living in the area, so in Stare Gospodarstwo you can really rest from civilization, take a deep breath and truly relax. Rooms are available all year round and can be rented for at least two nights. However, it is worth staying longer. After 7 days, guests start to forget what day of the week it is. Only then can we talk about a real rest.

In Stare Gospodarstwo nobody imposes anything. Here, everyone spends their time as they see fit. You can lie in the sun all day long, watch the life of the chickens, use canoes and water bikes, walk along the forest paths or along the lake, light a barbecue, enter the sauna and take a bath in the open air.

“This is our house, where we invite our guests to live with us for a while. We have a lot of duties, so we don’t spend every moment with our guests, but naturally we try to keep them company, especially during breakfasts. It is intimate and very familiar. Sometimes, we are visited by a roe deer or an elk. This is our place on “Earth a hedonist’s paradise“, says Anna Piwowar.

Almost 200 years of history

Apart from its ambience and intimate vibe, the building has a rich history. The first mention of people settled on the site of the farm dates back to the XIII century. Until the XIX century one family lived here. It was then that the present buildings were built. The oldest and best preserved is the barn, which dates back to 1827. The rest of the buildings have been modernized, but with the preservation of historical elements. When Anna and Paweł, tired of urban life, saw the farm for the first time – it was overgrown and neglected. They decided to give this place new life. Already five years have passed since this new history of Stare Gospodarstwo in Pierszczewek began.

“We wanted to take a rest from the hustle and bustle of the city and felt the call of nature. This place stole our hearts, so we gave up our previous jobs and decided to take care of the farm. The idea to invite guests appeared later. This place is so beautiful that we decided to share it with others”, concludes Paweł Piwowar.

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