Pomorskie – the land of honey

From polifloral to heather – Pomorskie is famous for its honey riches. You can easily experience it for yourself by ordering meals that come with this sweet delicacy in one of many restaurants, as well as during the local annual tasting event in the town of Parpary.

P8150006 - Pomorskie - the land of honeyP8150021 - Pomorskie - the land of honey

The main kinds of honey in Pomorskie include: poliflower, rapeseed, lime, buckwheat and, towards the end of the season, also heather. Aside from indisputably exquisite flavor, honey has been widely known for its curative effects. Lime honey is perfect in case of common cold, and rapeseed may turn out beneficial for people with heart problems. Knowledge of proper consumption of honey is extremely important – although it tastes great in a cup of steaming hot tea, it loses its properties if served that way. In order to rip the benefits of the bee product, pour room temperature water over a spoon of honey, leave it for the night and drink it early in the morning.

This is only one side of the coin, as honey goes well with savory dishes.

Honey is the ingredient of several dishes served at Brovarnia Restaurant at Hotel Gdańsk. One of them is a side dish, where the “main role” is played by quail marinated in brine with addition of honey and truffle aromas, served with smoked apple puree, roasted beetroots with balsamic vinegar and Kashubian honey, orange and rosemary, complemented by roasted nuts and caramelized chicory.

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Gdański Bowke allows you to experience the flavor of grilled bacon served with blackberry sauce, yellow beetroot, and mint noodles, with buckwheat and blackberry dressing.

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Goose meat roulades (zrazy) with cranberry, ham and onion, with cucumber and pear heated in honey, served with groats is the dish of choice in Piano Restaurant from Pruszcz Gdański.

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The head chef of Szafarnia 10 Restaurant combines honey with fish. The restaurant recommends marinated salmon with mollet egg, served with cucumber and fennel, and – naturally – fennel and honey sauce.

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Velevetka Restaurant in Gdańsk will treat you to sirloin “bathed” in Kashubian honey and porter beer. This one-kilogram dish with fried cabbage and baked potatoes is the flagship on the menu.

P9070270 - Pomorskie - the land of honey

Sopot Sheraton Hotel, on the other hand, serves pork cheeks braised in red wine, with pickled beetroots and beet leaves salad.

P9080016 - Pomorskie - the land of honey

The annual event that takes place in August in Parpary, Pomorskie, is a great opportunity to taste regional honeys straight from apiaries. August Tastings organized by the Noble Confraternity of Decent Food, Liquors and Handicraft is a paradise not only for honey aficionados, but for mead enthusiasts as well. It is also an excellent opportunity to talk to beekeepers and other honey lovers about beneficial effects of consumption of this golden liquid. And since the vibe of the event encourages a proper feast, there is no end to conversations and honey tasting.


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