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Maritime tradition in Zafishowani restaurant

Kingdom of fish – such description of the Gdańsk-based Zafishowani restaurant is no mistake. The restaurant is located in Hotel Hanza at Długie Pobrzeże (Long Pier), and they have already become known as the fish experts.

Fish are at the core of the restaurant’s philosophy. Fish are a canvas for each story that is told with dishes – both modern and also some that were known in the historical harbour city of Gdańsk. Rather than finding breaded flounder in the menu, you will have the opportunity to enjoy cod with saffron risotto, or the delicate and delicious salmon steak tartare with horseradish mousse.

LUK 9480 - Maritime tradition in Zafishowani restaurantLUK 9549 - Maritime tradition in Zafishowani restaurant

The signature feature of Zafishowani restaurant is quality of products.

-On the one hand, we would like to diversify the menu, and combine this diversity with freshness, on the other we need to take into account continuity of deliveries, low availability of particular kinds of fish, and affordability. We do everything to maintain maximum freshness of served dishes. We also ensure that any fish that we offer to our guests comes  straight from our suppliers. We believe that by being honest and sincere towards our guests, and by maintaining mutual respect, we create positive atmosphere and a satisfying culinary experience. Another element, equally important, is the staff. We would like our restaurant to be a place that people visit often and eagerly, not only for food, but also for good vibes it generates – says Magdalena Kołada from Zafishowani restaurant.

The restaurant serves mainly sea fish, delivered by local suppliers. Halibut and herring are available all the time. – We also try not to give up cod, which is known and well-liked. What is more, we co-operate with a fish farm from Zielenica, which delivers us freshwater trout and sturgeon for our summer menu. During season, our menu is further enhanced by such fish as zander, eel, or sea bream. Fish are served in many ways: right now, we offer classic fish fillets, but also steak tartare or fish spreads – says Magdalena Kołada.

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Fish are smoked on the spot in the restaurant for trout spread. The restaurant’s staff also prepare bread, served to every starter, as well as on demand. Sidings, such as flavoured olive oil, pesto, or sauces are also prepared on the spot. Filleting is also among the restaurant staff’s duties.

The head chef, Daniel Chrzanowski, admits that running a contemporary fish restaurant is challenging. – The catch is that fish is still a wild product, and the demand for it is enormous. Additionally, its expiration date is very short. And, after all, fresh fish is the most sought for by our guests – says Daniel Chrzanowski.

-What’s more, fish is still considered very stereotypically: as breaded fillets with random sidings. The challenge is to constantly create new flavours. To show that fish can also be interesting, tasty, and that there are many flavours – both well-known and unknown – that go well with it. And, most of all, that it can be served in a completely different way that deep-fried in a pan.




Tokarska 6, Gdańsk

phone.: + 48 661 511 811

e-mail: info@zafishowani.pl



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